Perspectives from the Field Talk Show

Perspectives from the Field Talk Show

A Close-Up on Trauma-Informed Practice

Friday, February 22, 2019 | 9:30 to 10:45 am (Workshop 5)

How can we improve the chances of success for our most vulnerable children?

Join the conversation! At our interactive talk show hosted by Shawn Petty, our special guests and audience members will get together and explore trauma-informed practice, discussing challenges and strategies relating to overcoming adverse childhood experiences.

Drawing on their work across diverse communities and decades of experience in the field, these experts will illuminate how trauma-informed practice can positively impact children’s health, well-being and education. Through audience interaction and live polling, all participants will be energized and engaged – walking away better prepared and motivated to tackle the road ahead.

We’re reserving a seat just for you in the audience of this timely talk show.



Shawn C. Petty

Fellow & Faculty Member
White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellowship

San Antonio, Texas

Shawn believes that out-of-school-time programming is vital for enhancing life chances for our nation’s underserved students. He co-plans the Perspectives from the Field Talk Show at Beyond School Hours to fuel his passion for delivering great training content to educators in fun, creative and engaging ways.


Jacquelyn Santiago

Chief Executive Officer

COMPASS Youth Collaborative

Dr. Colleen

Director of the Center for Trauma and Domestic Violence Education

Cabrini University

Dr. Rubye

Senior Associate

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Dr. Sylvia

Director of Discretionary Programs and Support Services

Office of Well Rounded Programs, U.S. Department of Education

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Dr. Colleen Lelli

A Close-Up on Trauma-Informed Practice

May 15, 2018

Guest: Dr. Colleen Lelli, Director of the Center for Trauma and Domestic Violence Education at Cabrini University

Synopsis: Shawn and Dr. Lelli led an interactive discussion about approaches to working with children exposed to traumatic events or conditions.
Check out the recording here:

Jacquelyn Santiago

A Close-Up on Youth Trauma and Violence

September 12, 2018

Guest: Jacquelyn Santiago, Chief Executive Officer of COMPASS Youth Collaborative

Synopsis: Shawn and Jacquelyn discussed a system of strategies for building trust with young people to help them rise above violence and pursue a better life.
Check out the recording here:

Anna Blount

A Close-Up on Mentoring to Overcome Trauma

January 17, 2019

Guest: Anna Blount, Founder and CEO of Team Up Mentoring

Synopsis: Shawn and Anna held an interactive conversation about the positive role that mentoring can play in the life of a child who has suffered trauma.
Check out the recording here: