Below is a partial listing of workshops.

BSH offers approximately 200 workshops over the duration of the conference. Check back this fall as we add our complete offerings. Note that all programming is subject to change.

5 Steps to R.E.A.C.H. to Effectively Engage and Empower Struggling Students to Succeed in School

Jennifer Cummings, Learning Different Company

How can you effectively R.E.A.C.H. and connect with students that are learning different without sacrificing other students’ needs? Discover the latest research on brain-based teaching and engagement techniques. Learn a 5-step socio-emotional learning system that gives you the tools to more effectively reach and teach ALL of your students, especially those struggling with LD and/or ADHD. Grades K-12

#AfterschoolWorks: Advocacy Strategies for Afterschool Providers

Alexis Steines, Afterschool Alliance

Advocacy is vital to long-term sustainability of all afterschool programs. In this session, understand the fundamentals of developing and implementing a strong advocacy plan to raise awareness and support of afterschool and summer learning programs. Grades K-12

Connect, Inspire, and Challenge

Beth Duda, Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, and Kelli Karen Smith, The Patterson Foundation

Children begging for opportunities to learn, cheerful staff members, and engaged families. It doesn’t have to be a dream. You can make it happen. Using the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s Suncoast Summer Book Challenge as a model, participants will explore strategies to help create the connection in their K-6 afterschool and summer programming that will lead to this kind of success. Participants will work in groups to create no-cost and low-cost activities that will cultivate a love of reading. Grades K-6

Connecting the Dots

Danielle Bowen and Wendy Weisbart, Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!!!

Effective programs incorporate clear communication, high expectations, and shared program successes. Take a peek into our tricks of the trade gaining resources and a broad array of ideas. Fostering successful collaborations results in quality programming. Leave this session connected with the answers to who, what, when, how, and why! Grades K-12

Cr8tive World – Project-Based Learning for EVERY Student

Michelle Norman and Nicole Norman, Lebanon School District

Join us as we explore our creative world and discuss what it takes to create successful project-based activities for all age groups! Bring your ideas (and devices) as we create a toolbox of resources that will put your students on the path to creating projects that are creative, realistic, and that reflect authentic student learning. Grades K-12

Finding Your Flow: Using Yoga as a Tool to Build Social Emotional Capacities

Megan Gildin, The Be Collaborative

In this session, participants will engage in a series of activities to explore how yoga and experiential learning can be integrated into the school environment to create a culture of wellness that promotes social-emotional development for students, staff, and families. Be ready to move and find your own flow! Grades K-12

Get a Leg Up with NASA Resources

Jennifer Hudgins, Florida Afterschool Network/NASA

In this workshop, participants will learn about the wealth of NASA resources that are available to them. Information on how to schedule a free field trip to the Kennedy Space Center will also be given. Participants will perform an activity appropriate for all age groups called “Get a Leg Up” about life on the International Space Station. Handouts and giveaways will be available. Grades K-12

Learning in Disguise

Gale Gorke, Kids Kan, Inc.

How you show up for the game is how you show up for life. Learn how play is essential in building academic skills and student motivation. Select and adapt activities that foster academic success, regardless of ability. Discover the educational principles that are found in play and how they enhance learning in general. Grades K-12

Literacy-Based Learning: How Girls and Boys Engage

Lucille Rivin and Greg Shamie, The Leadership Program

Adolescent and teen girls and boys often have different learning styles. This workshop will examine strategies and activities geared to middle and high school students to help you develop various experiences and activities to increase their engagement in literacy. Grades 7-12

Playdough, BPM, & Portable DJ: STEM Comes Alive – for FREE!

Eric Rowles, Leading to Change

Participants will learn more than 10 different FREE STEM/STEAM-based activities that can be easily replicated in their youth programs. Get ready for a rapidfire, laughter- and application-filled session, from use of modern-day DJ equipment to hands-on simulations of engineering and science-based experiments. Grades K-12

Super Tools: Behavior Management for Super Afterschool Programs

Chelsea and Mike Ashcraft, Children’s Choice Child Care Services, Inc.

Would you like some powerful and practical brain-based discipline tools to help you get the kind of behaviors that will make you enjoy working with children and youth? Learn tricks and techniques for preventing undesirable behavior. Get tools that are guaranteed to make guidance and self-discipline easier. Grades K-8

We Can’t Do This Without You: The Nuts and Bolts of Parent Engagement

Myrna Torres and Migdalia Cortes, The Children’s Aid Society

Participants in this workshop will learn about and share concrete action steps for creating leadership, advocacy, and networking programs and activities for parents. Handouts will be provided to guide and document planning, strategies, and implementation. Grades K-12

More Workshops Coming Soon!