Moving the Needle: Grade-Level Reading

Included in this strand are sessions focused on practices and strategies that help children and families build strong language, literacy, and writing skills. Sessions may also address how to build literacy skills across multiple content areas.

Creating a Reading Intervention Plan for your After School Program: Incorporating Targeted Intervention and Integrated Literacy

Alison Aliberti and Liz Obara Piedramartel

Creating a reading intervention program for your K-8 program does not have to be hard. After attending this workshop you’ll walk away with a reading model plan to bring back to your after school program. Targeted literacy intervention and integrated literacy are the foundation to a successful reading model at PASS After School Program. Attendees will learn how we use data to inform decisions, group students according to individual needs, set individual and program goals, and use a mixture of curriculum and integrated literacy to support our learners.

Grades K-8


Foundational Reading Skills: Standards Tell Us What – Research Tells Us How

Barbara Denbow, BRD Consulting, Inc.

National, state, and local standards define what foundational reading skills students need – but they don’t tell teachers how they should teach. In this session, participants will learn which skills impact reading development and predict reading success, and how to implement highly effective, research-based strategies to accelerate the progress of developing and struggling readers.

Grades K-5


Fun, Engaging Project-Based Literacy Activities for ELs and All!

Meredith Scott Lynn, WRiTE BRAiN Books

Literacy can be a challenge for any student, but English Learners face the additional challenge of working with a new and unfamiliar language, and then being tested on their proficiency. This interactive session will demonstrate how project-based learning activities provide a nonthreatening opportunity for ELs to discover their voice and use creativity as a tool for communication. Learn how to employ a disguised methodology that allows for limitless scaffolding to meet the needs of ELs at every level of proficiency.

Grades K-12


Kids Learn to Read and More: FREE e-Learning Resource

Gabriella Scacchetti, Clever Crazes for Kids

Learning to read has never been more fun than with this new, always FREE e-learning resource. You will see our Pre-K-8 learning activities, beginning with sounds of the alphabet and progressing through language arts. Kids build self-esteem and tools for success while learning grade appropriate reading and STEAM-based material!

Grades K-8

KinderBoost™: Jump-start Children’s Transition into Kindergarten!

Lesley Graham, Save the Children

Have you been thinking of adding a kindergarten transition program to your school? Come join us to learn ways of developing a successful transition program designed to provide children and families opportunities to become familiar with their new school environment, meet school staff, make new friends, and engage in early learning activities. This session will provide principals, administrators, teachers, and summer program providers with important research and rationale about how children learn and develop, and the best ways to support their early learning.

Grades K-3


Literacy Gone Wild!

Wendy Weisbart and Danielle Bowen, Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate!!!

Tired of the same boring literacy lessons? Tired of always using the drill and kill worksheets? Join us this session. Reenergize by gaining fresh innovative ideas to expand literacy learning outside of the standard methods. During this interactive session you will explore a variety of engaging enrichment-based literacy activities linked to the school day.

Grades K-12


Love, Learn, Literacy!

Hershawna Turner and Allyson Bullock, Foundations, Inc.

Gain practical and creative ways to build stronger literacy skills in students in grades Pre-K through 2nd. Participants will learn how to create and facilitate engaging, hands-on activities that encourage young students to discover the power – and the fun – of literacy while building critical skills. This session will be packed full of ideas to get your students reading and enjoying it!

Grades: Pre-K-2


Parent Workshop on Early Reading Skills – Facilitator Training

Deborah Lynam, AIM Institute for Learning and Research; Rasheeda Hancock and Joy McIntosh, School District of Philadelphia

In this highly-interactive workshop, attendees will learn how to teach parents the important skills their child needs to be a super reader- hearing the sounds, knowing the letters, and reading smoothly. Attendees will have lots of time to explore games and activities that they can share with parents to encourage literacy skills at home. Attendees will learn how to access materials to present their own Parent Workshop on Early Reading Skills from the PowerPoint presentation and videos to all of the activities and take-home materials for parents. By the end of this two-part workshop: 1) attendees will understand the key skills an early reader needs (Phonological Awareness, K-3 Phonics, Sight Words and Fluency); 2) have experience with the materials and activities to present their own workshop; and 3) have the ability to help parents feel empowered to speak with their child’s teacher about reading skills.

Grades K-3


Reading for Meaning – Fluently

Barbara Denbow, BRD Consulting, Inc.

Learn how to develop fluency, support vocabulary, and promote comprehension by combining the research-based strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. This presentation includes a hands-on demonstration of these powerful strategies that have accelerated the reading achievement of Title I, special education, and other struggling readers nationwide.

Grades K-8


The Cinderella Story: Engaging Youth in Literacy Experiences from Elementary to High School

Janet Levings, American Institutes for Research

Participants will review positive youth development practices that should be considered when developing afterschool activities and will be given an academic enrichment activity planning tool. They will collaborate to create engaging literacy experiences for many genres and levels of reading, from elementary through high school aged youth. Participants will leave with a dozen transferable age-appropriate activities that support literacy.

Grades K-12


The Partnership Potential of Grade Level Reading Campaigns and School-Age Networks

Brian Hickey and Jenn Faber, Florida Children’s Council

Learn more about Florida’s story and how their Afterschool and GLR Networks have embraced a collective impact strategy in leveraging resources, applying for grant opportunities, advocating for policy, and offering training supports. Participants will leave with more than a dozen strategies for consideration in your home state!

Grades K-3


The READING PARTY: Fitness! Phonics! FUNdamentals!

Stephanie Pasley, The Math and Reading Party: Bethune-Cookman University

The READING PARTY session encompasses physical fitness routines infused with phonemic and phonological awareness instruction. You will sing, dance, exercise, and learn foundational and fundamental reading concepts with relevant raps and rocking and riveting rhymes! Don’t be tardy for the Fitness and Phonics Party!

Grades K-3