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All the Lonely People: Examining Social Isolation and Chronic Loneliness and Emerging Solutions

Joseph Applebaum, The Clowder Group
Grades: 9-12
In light of COVID-19, many of us have become more socially isolated and disconnected. A recent survey found that more than half of adults 50 and older reported social isolation – defined as an absence of meaningful social relationships – during the pandemic. As we move into the future, how do we counter this momentum and create nourishing connections that support our well-being? Through the critically acclaimed filmmaking of Stu Maddux and Joe Applebaum, their latest documentary, “All The Lonely People” will set the stage for a discussion about the latest research on this emerging public health crisis. This fascinating film documents their struggles to overcome chronic loneliness and explore how isolation and loneliness impact our own experiences.
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