Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

From Field Trips to Strategic Alliances

Robin Berlinsky and Tracy Bradshaw, Engaging Creative Minds
Grades: K-12
Executive Directors Robin Berlinsky (Engaging Creative Minds) and Tracy Bradshaw (YEScarolina) will share their story of how their organizations merged in August 2021 and became partners in a $20M statewide investment in arts education to curb learning loss and support learning recovery for K-12 students. They will take participants on a journey from the very beginning six years ago when Engaging Creative Minds required all staff to participate in monthly field trips to other local nonprofits. Participants will hear stories about how these mandatory staff field trips built community, reduced fears of competition, leveraged strengths of the various organizations, built trust and created a strategic alliance that has resulted in Engaging Creative Minds acquiring YEScarolina in a merger during the summer of 2021 and become part of a $20M investment by the S.C. Department of Education for a statewide summer camp expansion to prevent learning loss and strengthen learning recovery. This hands-on experiential workshop includes group work and activities to foster: (1) Operating in a space of yes; (2) Concentric Circles to identify potential partners; (3) Ideation- (Gallup word means finding connections between seemingly disparate phenomena); and (4) Manifesting intentionally with a sticky note take-home goal setting activity.
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