Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

I Get Knocked Down…But I Get Up Again!

Carrie Zelin Johnson, Greater Twin Cities United Way; and Zelin Johnson Co
Grades: PreK-12
Sometimes we can get in the way of the very thing we are trying to accomplish. We might even be hurting others and doing more harm than good. Our awareness of how to effectively help others and maybe even heal others depends on our self-awareness and empathetic inclusivity. Are we willing to do the work, stay the course and continue the journey? It takes humility, vulnerability, resilience and so much more for all of us to persist on our equity journey; when we get knocked down, we must get back up again—and help those around us too! This session reviews the Parents as Partners Action Plan and the Propel SEL implementation “tool kit.” It provides opportunities for participants to experience key elements of Parents as Partners and the Propel SEL framework, and discuss stories and lessons learned with a focus on equity and empathetic inclusivity practices. Participants will learn to leverage tools and resources in their relationship-based approaches and reflective practices to accelerate equitable outcomes and reduce discrimination and bias that ultimately impedes learning recovery.
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