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Resilience Building Spaces: A Primer

Anna Blount, Team Up Mentoring
Grades: K – 12
Before the advent of COVID-19, some of our most academically vulnerable students were also disproportionately affected by trauma (students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities). As we leave the landscape of the pandemic behind, many additional students are struggling to process the trauma of the last 18 months. Now more than ever, our commitment to equity demands that all students have access to trauma informed spaces to foster growth and academic success. Trauma informed spaces are a proven strategy that promotes feelings of physical and psychological safety for individuals exposed to high levels of trauma. Included in SAMHSA’s Six Principles of Trauma Informed Care, trauma informed physical space design is a key part of any diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative in today’s classroom. Join Anna Blount, Founder and Executive Director of Team Up Mentoring, for a deep dive into what constitutes a trauma informed classroom, its resilience building effects on the body and brain, and a toolkit to help you transform any space into an inclusive haven for academic pursuits
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