Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

Restorative Behavior Guidance

Fong Marcolongo and Jae Maldonado, Be the Change Consulting
Grades: K-12
In this session participants will grapple with age-old questions of behavior guidance. How do we motivate our youth to make positive behavior choices when they really don’t want to? How do we reframe conflict as learning opportunities to deepen our ability to form strong relationships and build skills? By shifting our questions from asking “What rules were broken” to “Who was harmed in our community?” restorative practices offer a pathway to reform trust and relationships after conflict. This training builds on the youth development principles of engagement, skill-building, and community involvement. Participants in this workshop will: (1) Learn to see the complexity of multiple perspectives in conflict; (2) Identify the differences between Criminal Justice and Restorative practices; and (3) Explore the principles of restorative justice to reinforce a behavior guidance system.
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