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STEM Tales: – Rediscover Science the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook Way!

Terri Johnson, Quirkles and Fuddlebrook Science Series
Grades: K-5
If there was ever a time to give your science program a boost, it is now! Do you want kids to talk about your program for years to come? Do you want kids to “fall in love” with science? Do you want students to be so excited about what they have discovered that they share with others? It’s easier than you think! Come to Stem Tales-Rediscovering Science the Quirkles and Fuddlebrook Way and discover how to reignite kids’ passion for learning through storytelling and hands-on science. Eggs will fly, water will disappear, potions will fizz, and stories will be told all while making learning relevant to students. Come prepared to participate together and laugh a lot. You might even get a bit messy….but who cares! Let’s reconnect and rediscover science together!
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