Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

Turn Students into Health and Fitness Leaders and BOKS

Allyson Dedrick, BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success)
Grades: K-8
Daily movement and play are critical parts of a student’s physical and mental well-being, and yet, today’s youth are more sedentary than ever. The pandemic and virtual learning environments heightened this issue, creating lasting impact on children’s physical and mental health. In this workshop, education practitioners will learn how they can reprioritize health and wellness in their school community, while empowering students to lead their peers through daily movement breaks that work in-person, virtual or hybrid learning environments. The BOKS Junior Leadership Training Program provides all the tools needed to kickstart a student led BOKS Burst program. BOKS Bursts are 5-10 minute movement breaks that give kids the opportunity to spike their heart rates, shake out their sillys, learn foundational fitness skills, and re-focus on scheduled activities. Student-led programs allow more senior students to hold a leadership position, practice speaking in front of a group and feel a sense of pride in teaching younger children new skills. Participants in this workshop will walk away with all the training, resources and tools needed to conduct their own BOKS Junior Leadership Training.
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