Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

Wellbeing for Staff Development And Retention

Beverlee Wenzel, The ROCK Center for Youth Development
Grades: PreK-12
What if you could lower turnover by 30%, reduce absenteeism by 40%, and increase job satisfaction by 45% and engagement six-fold? Studies have shown that by building a foundation of wellbeing in our staff we can accomplish that. Imagine aligning the wellbeing initiatives we have for our youth with wellbeing for our staff. Systems benefit from reduced turnover, staff benefit from higher life satisfaction and youth benefit from adults who are more engaged and not suffering from burnout. Wellbeing and social and emotional skills are most effective when done through the lens of Me, We, Us. We equip our staff with wellbeing tools that benefit them personally and professionally on the Me level, they model and teach those tools to our youth at the We level, and improved student and staff outcomes benefit systems at the Us level. Join this interactive workshop where you explore the science that validates these wellbeing claims and leave with six tools you can implement immediately to increase wellbeing on the Me, We, and Us levels.
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