Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

Your Voice is Power

Roxanne Moore, Sabrina Grossman, and Danyelle Larkin, Georgia Institute of Technology
Grades: 6-12
How are computing, entrepreneurship, and music all pathways to social and racial justice? This is the guiding question for Your Voice is Power, a partnership between Georgia Tech, Amazon Future Engineer, and Pharrell Williams’ foundation, YELLOW. The experience includes a five-class period curriculum and optional competition component aimed at middle and high school students. The goal is to help students and teachers to see themselves as a part of an ecosystem promoting equity, while developing computing skills and an identity in STEM. The Your Voice is Power curriculum is powered by EarSketch, a Georgia Tech-developed approach to teaching computer science concepts via music remixing. EarSketch is free to use, runs entirely in a web browser, and includes a Python/JavaScript coding environment, a digital audio workstation (DAW), an audio loop library, a social sharing site, and an integrated curriculum. Our prior research of EarSketch has demonstrated the power of music to authentically engage diverse student populations in computing education and to increase their intentions to persist in computing, especially among women and underrepresented minority students. This workshop will provide an introduction to the Your Voice is Power curriculum, the EarSketch platform, and an overview of how to participate in the 2022 competition. The demonstration area will showcase winning student remixes from the 2021 Your Voice is Power competition.
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