National Education Conference

February 17-19, 2021 • Virtual Programming

Engage Us or Enrage Us: R.I.S.E. for Equity

Journey with this mother-son duo as they collaboratively highlight the benefits of culturally responsive student engagement as the primary ingredient in bringing equity to life for all students. Master Derrick, an 8-year old student leader, will share his engaging home and classroom experiences as he advocates for all students to be exposed to positive education experiences at home, before, after, and during school. His message to all is “You Can Either Engage Us or You Can Enrage Us.” In this session, Dr. Henry will encourage and empower after school professionals to R.I.S.E.–Reach the Impossible Student in Education. She will illustrate the importance of helping students develop social-emotional skills by being RESILIENT, INTENTIONAL, STEADY and ENGAGING in their professional practice. Together, the presenters shed light on how students in the most stress-engulfed environments benefit from after school leaders who R.I.S.E.