National Education Conference

February 17-19, 2021 • Virtual Programming

Technology is not “Ruining” Teens: How to Use Today’s Communications Tools to Drive Engagement

TikTok to promote programming? Instagram Stories (IG) to share your story? Y, rly, rn! In this session, participants will learn how the afterschool staff and youth from VOX ATL created materials that engage youth in skill-development while also supporting program retention, recruitment, and culminating events. They will learn about our young people’s most widely used communications platforms and hear from teaching artists and youth about how they incorporate youth voice to tell the story of their work. They will also learn how these platforms promote skill-building and engagement. Presenters will debunk the myth of young people’s technological demise and offer effective engagement strategies to bring back to your own program. Participants will also receive an annotated activity guide for hosting your own future youth-driven communications creation session.