National Education Conference

February 17-19, 2021 • Virtual Programming

Technology Leadership Academy (TLA)

TLA takes technology-related learning and creates Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who learn to become teachers/trainers. Students who participate in this training not only become experts in technology applications but also become your site’s technology experts/trainers! They learn pedagogy/andragogy skills and best practices in effective staff development. As a technology and application expert, students further apply skills learned to co-teach technology-based lessons with content area teachers as well as train teachers in the use of new educational applications. These students also serve as help-desk troubleshooters for the site, all while building a resume of experience, skills/abilities, and volunteer hours that can be used in college applications and work resumes. This program intentionally builds student confidence and competence in both technology applications and training practices, resulting in higher student engagement and self-efficacy.