National Education Conference

February 17-19, 2021 • Virtual Programming

Trauma, Resilience, and Mindset During a Pandemic

During 2020, educators were faced with the COVID pandemic. This challenged how we delivered instruction and provided support to students and families, all while maintaining open communication during a time of vast uncertainty. Students, parents, and educators alike found themselves challenged with external stressors and, in turn, struggled with emotional and mental health care. What did we as educators learn during this extraordinary time? How can we incorporate strategies to support children of trauma? Research (Frank, Kohler, Peal, et al., 2017) has shown that practicing and discussing mindfulness and mindset strategies help students thrive emotionally and academically. These strategies, whether used in a traditional classroom setting or a distance learning delivery, help to increase focus and memory while reducing stress and anxiety. In this session, participants will learn about research regarding trauma, resilience, and the benefit of a growth mindset for both students and educators. Self-care strategies for educators and mindfulness strategies for students will also be shared.