Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

Perspectives from the Field

Join the conversation! At our interactive talk show hosted by Shawn Petty, our special guests and audience members get together and explore topics of interest to educators from all walks of life.

Check out the recordings from the virtual edition of the talk show below — and register for upcoming webinars!

Our 2021-2022 series is Cultivating Creativity.  Join us as we dive deep with our special guests on a variety of topics relating to the arts, literacy, and creating a sense of curiosity.  We’ll explore utilizing the arts to cultivate learning skills and boost academic achievement, supporting underserved students and fostering connections through literacy and the arts, and much more!

Meet the Host
Shawn C. Petty

Training and Development Manager, Westat
White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellow

Shawn believes that out-of-school-time programming is vital for enhancing life chances for our nation’s underserved students. He co-plans the Perspectives from the Field Talk Show at Beyond School Hours to fuel his passion for delivering great training content to educators in fun, creative and engaging ways.

Our 2018-2019 series A Close-Up on Trauma discussed challenges and strategies related to overcoming adverse childhood experiences, while illuminating how trauma-informed practice can positively impact children’s health, well-being, and education.
We continued the conversation about trauma-informed practice in our 2019-2020 series The Bigger Picture, taking a step back to look at the environmental effects that contribute to adverse childhood experiences and how to tackle some of those challenges.
Our 2020-2021 series Resilience tackled some of the biggest issues facing our children today. We dive deep with our guests on the global pandemic, systemic racism, opportunity and achievement gaps, and so much more.

2020-2021: Resilience

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