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Learn to Read and More: FREE e-Learning Resource

Gabriella Scacchetti, Clever Crazes for Kids
Grades: PreK-8
Learning to read has never been more fun than with this exciting, always FREE, e-learning resource available online and on tablets. You will see our PreK-8 learning activities, beginning with sounds of the alphabet and progressing through language arts. Kids build self-esteem and tools for success while learning grade-appropriate reading and STEM-based material! We turned “STEM” into “STREAM” by adding Reading and the Arts. In our Arts curriculum, students learn about visual art, dance, and music and how these disciplines interact with various aspects of their lives. Arts education expands their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by drawing connections between the Arts and the principles of STEM.  Our educational enrichment curriculum explores the connections between literacy, the arts, and core subject areas, such as the sciences and humanities.
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