Workshop Strands

  1. 1. CREATIVITY: Innovating the Arts

    This strand explores visual and performing arts content areas using hands-on and experiential learning. Sessions may connect art content with physical activity, STEM, graphic design, and more.

    Sponsored byCreatED by Crayola

  2. 2. EQUITY: Focusing on Every Child

    This strand is about making sure that every child has an equal chance to succeed in school and beyond, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, sexuality, or learning differences.

  3. 3. LITERACY: Turning the Page

    This strand is focused on practices and strategies that help children and families build strong language, reading, and writing skills – but also on digital literacy and financial literacy.

    Sponsored by  Reading Plus

  4. 4. RESILIENCY: Creating Brighter Futures

    How can trauma-informed practice improve opportunities for our most vulnerable children and families? This strand supports mental, emotional, and physical well-being for children and youth.

  5. 5. SUSTAINABILITY: Building Strong Foundations

    This strand deals with the myriad issues involved in maintaining and expanding successful programs – from analyzing data and finding funders to avoiding burnout and building partnerships… and everything in between.