Beyond School Hours 2022 - February 23-26, 2022 - Caribe Royale Orlando

#RepresentationMatters! Designing Meaningful Experiences with STEM Role Models

Kata Lucas and Marisa Garcia, National Girls Collaborative Project
Grades: 6-12
The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) will facilitate an interactive session focused on gender equitable and culturally responsive strategies to meaningfully incorporate role model experiences into your STEM programming based on findings from Brite, an online, interdisciplinary summer STEM program for girls ages 13-16. Research demonstrates how interaction with diverse female role models can shift girls’ perceptions about who participates in STEM and increases girls’ identification with STEM skills and careers. The Brite Program, rooted in this research, demonstrates the power of interaction with diverse STEM role models. Meaningful role model experiences provide opportunities for youth to learn and converse with diverse STEM role models, enabling them to foster connections with the personal and professional journeys of role models, and helping see themselves as STEM professionals. Resources and strategies for finding diverse role models, preparing role models for engaging with youth, and facilitating a role model experience will be shared.
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